Carpooling in Iceland

It is more fun, cheaper and better for the environment to share ride with others when you travel around Iceland.

In Iceland there are more cars then people so there must be someone else going to the same destination as you - every single day.

Please tell your friends and family about this website. The more people using this website is better for everyone.

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Requesting: Passengers
From: Reykjavík
To: Reykjavík
Day: 20.08.2017
Time: 12:00
Seats: 2
Name: Arun
Mobile: +491629442217
E-mail: arun.sastrauniv@gmail.com
Non-smoke car: no
Notes: Hello all, I am planning to visit Iceland at the end of August from 20th till 28th August. I love photography and Iceland is the dream land for nature photography with over 1000 waterfalls... :) On the negative side, public transport in Iceland is not that great. so it is very convenient to rent a car to do a complete round trip. And it can be quite expensive if one person rent a car. If any one interested to join me for Iceland trip, please send me a message. We can share the rental car cost. Further to reduce the cost, i have a tent and sleeping bad with me. so no accommodation cost either. Weather in Iceland during July and August is the best you can imagine.. Not so cold... What is more special than waking up in front of waterfalls... :) if you have a tent, camera and down to do all crazy adventure, then hold my hand for this trip... :) Note: Looking for one or maximum two travel companion... (Not more than two people please) My instagram: travellerdiaryy Arun

Submitted: 09.08.2017
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