Carpooling in Iceland

It is more fun, cheaper and better for the environment to share ride with others when you travel around Iceland.

In Iceland there are more cars then people so there must be someone else going to the same destination as you - every single day.

Please tell your friends and family about this website. The more people using this website is better for everyone.

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Aðalsíða - Skrá ferð - Um síðuna

Óska eftir: Fari
Frá: Vík
Til: Höfn
Dagur: 28.11.2018
Brottför: 9:00
Sætafjöldi: 1
Nafn: Renee Kumon
Netfang: rckumon@gmail.com
Reyklaus bíll: yes
Annað: Hello, I am traveling in Iceland for a week and hoping to see Skaftafell Nature Reserve for a day and spend the night in Hof. I can be flexible with time and would appreciate a ride in any direction.

Skráð þann: 25.10.2018
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